You Get To - Dance Mix

You Get To - Dance Mix

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Go out of your body out of this space
Go out of the atmosphere  out of the galaxy 
Go out of this universe and when you're there
Take a look backwards and tell me if you still care
About all your troubles and how big they are
Can you still see them gazing at them so far
Away from reality as you define it
It's all just an energy you may need to realign it
Cause nobody gets to dance for you


Nobody makes your dreams come true but
You get to yes you get to
And nobody's gonna light the way 
Nobody brings a brighter day but
You get to yes you get to

You larger than struggle you're 
Sronger than pain
You're wiser than worry 
More powerful than circumstance
Admit that you are infinite you can't get it done
This life's but a moment and you will go on and on
Those things that you're reaching for 
They need your belief stir up your faith just a bit
They're waiting to be received yes 


It's how you perceive It's what you believes 
That colors they day your bringing
It's there in your hand it's at your command why

Wouldn't you wake up singing
Margaret Owens 2009