Was It Love

Was It Love

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You taught me so much today 
Though you never said a word
Your silence spoke volumes 
You’d be amazed the things I heard
Conversations with myself 
Can dig a hole inside of me 
When I’m lookin’ to you 
To be anything other than you’d be
And I ask myself

What did I learn today 
What did I teach (try to figure out)
What did I give and what did I preach
Was it Love?
Was it Love?

Love for myself to let that voice inside retreat
And love for my teachers 
Who don’t even know the lessons that they teach
Love for everyone I meet and everything I do today
Love for the gifts they bring 
And the gifts they take away
And I ask myself


Let this be my prayer
What I truly hope I find
When I fade into the Oneness
That the gift I left behind
It was Love
Let it be Love