There's Not a Spot Where God is Not

There's Not a Spot Where God is Not

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Oh now sinners have you strayed so far
That God can't even find you
Doesn't want to know where you are
Did you bet your love on money
Did you bet your heart on love
Did you lose the farm on everything
Well there's no point in looking up above

Cause there's not a spot where God is not
So if you forgot and let your spirit hit the ground
Well then your in luck go on and pick yourself up
God is there and Spirit's gonna help you rebound
God is with you always
Can I make it any more clear
God is with you
Twenty- four seven, three sixty five 
Winter summer spring and fall of every year

Now let's talk about the punishment
you give yourself 
Struggling thru this thing called sin
Why you'd suffer all this
Self Inflicted Nonsense 
When the word means
you missed the mark so try again
And hell is just a space that you wander through 
When you forget that the Spirit's
here in side of you 
God loves you
nd there's nothing you can do about it 
You can rail against it you can even doubt it


Margaret Owens 2004