So Very Close

So Very Close

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You've got to keep your head up girl
It can seem like a dark and lonely world
And you may not find the answer
In the fortune that you seek
And you may not find redemption
In the mantra that you speak


But so very close so very close is the blue sky
So very close so very close is the blue sky

It's hard to practice what you preach
You keep learnin' the lessons that you teach
It's a chore to keep your conscience clan 
As you wollow in the mire
It's the way to derail any dream 
Get your thoughts on something higher


If I could take you to the highest building
We'd be there above the clouds 
And you could see the sun is always shining 
So if its cloudy in your world sometimes
Just like those clouds let 'em roll on by
There is gonna be a brighter day
Cause clouds they do not come to stay