Seeking My Good

Seeking My Good

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I stand in the silence
Defend by the echoes of the truth 
That flow from this knowing
A collection of the evidence and proof
To trust in creation as Itself through me aligns
To know that my wanting more is selfishly divine 
Seeking my good and my good is my God I AM
Seeking my good and my good is my God I AM


A church or a temple 
On the ocean or a mountain kissed with snow
So many paths to God 
For You are the only place to go
A Being with no circumference 
Who’s centers ever where
Who asks of us only to receive 
The gifts It’s longing to share I AM


Diving from the cliffs of circumstance 
To swim in Your great abundance
I will not fight the current 
But be carried in to joy I know I AM


Seeking my good and my good is my Go d
It's what’s leading me pushing me urging me on I AM
Seeking my Source and my God is my Source 
It's my Joy and my voice 
and my life giving force I AM 
Seeking my God

Margaret Owens 2005