Only One Love

Only One Love

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I’ve seen the best be laid to rest 
Never knowing true contentment
And come to find that peace of mind 
Is nestled there in your  intent 
But you wait perhaps till your darkest hour 
And you pray forgetting you hold the power

 It is here, let’s give it and receive 
It’s done as you believe
As large as you conceive Only One Love
It can’t be torn apart 
It’s been there from the start a universal heart
Only One Love

Time and again we may pretend 
That we are different form each other
It’s now our turn to watch and learn 
The lessons flowing from the mother
For  the earth has valleys and peaks for sure 
But she knows we’re all the same at the core 
So right now


That allows a bird to fly 
One love that holds the sun in the sky
It’s one love that rains down upon us now 
One Love just waiting to show us how
So right now Chorus

Margaret Owens 2004