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Venture off if you got to cowboy
I'll try to understand
You'd chose the starboard side of the saddle
'Stead a trapesin' on dry land
And I will keep this constant vigil
From atop of this lone hill
My eye fixed on the horizon
I'll be searchin' for you still

I'll be you're lighthouse
And you can look to me
I'll be you're lighthouse
Out on that stormy, stormy sea
I'm to your rescue
When you can't find your way
I am the steady course

You can't get a clear signal
We don't talk the way we oughta
As you navigate the edges
Of that dark and dangerous water
Now your footing seems to falter
I see you lose your grip
I can understand the instinct
Of you wantin' to jump ship
But I hope you'll man the deck
And bring that vessel back to shore
If you need some reassurance darlin'
That's what I'm here for


I know the call of the sea she may entice you
And she might leave her scent upon the rain
But please remember the valley mid-September
And how the sun made fields of gold upon the grain


Margaret Owens 2002