Let It In

Let It In

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If you are lonely tired or down hearted 
If you’ve been beaten to the ground
Whatever the reason the rhyme or the season 
The fact of what is or what’s goin’ around
I urge you to picture more than maybe just a moment
How you would like your life to look and then
Rest assured that you can not fret it in 
You got to let it in


If you get my meanin’ toward what are you leanin’ 
If you want to hold a better  view
It’s your own decision you can’t change the vision
Deflated by what’s in front of you
Far better to understand the simple fact 
That proves what you focus on you will attract
That is that and you can not fret it in 
You got to let in

Now if you’re in struggle feelin’ defeated 
And you want to turn your life around
You can’t get from pain to bliss 
It’s simply a mark you’d miss
But you can draw breath from your anger 
And there is movement in frustration
Cause contentment is just around the corner 
And now you are headed for elation
Dancing the edge of thought 
Before you have been led
Can take you from your mind 
Into your heart instead
And you can not fret it in you got to let it in

Now I will not pray for peace or prosperity 
And I will not ask for love or inner clarity
But I will give thanks from a powerful knowing 
That all these blessings now are mine
I need only to align

And from the dark 
A breath of grace comes forth a spark
Igniting the truth in you again
Ever clear that you can not fret it in 
You got to let it in

Margaret Owens 2006