Let it Go

Let it Go

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How long am I gonna tell this story
How long am I gonna carry anger inside
I know I'm not holding
the best thought for me
And I know there's gotta be a better

feelin to find
So if I stumble if I fall let it be forward
Release the clutches of the

conflicts and the absurd


I could just let it go 
Let it go now
Let it all melt away

like ice cream on a summers day and
Trust the flow now just let it go
Cause everything it's all gonna be okay now

So what if I lose my temper
I know where I can find peace again
I came here to be God expressing
And it is bliss when I

Connect deep within to that
Mighty presence which is
Oneness love and light
It soothes my soul it calms my heart

And sets me right
so I can just 


Caught up in the cross fires of this
Challenging perception
I have let my mind go wandering

where I should no better
But I do not need to know why I wandered
Or grieve the precious thoughts I squandered
I could claim the blessed gift of now
And let my conciousness allow
The gifts the lover want to bring me
The very best of everything I could

Margaret Owens 2006