I Am Shiva

I Am Shiva

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Can you feel my touch on the breeze    
Can you hear my song through the trees 
And the moon that shines bright above you
Lights the night just to tell you I love you
And when your feeling desperately lonely    

My eternal embrace holds you only
If your frightened or under attack
You just keep moving forward
Cause I’ve got your back
I Am Shiva and Creator
I Am Saint and Gladiator
I Am the cons I am the pros
I Am the thorn I Am the rose 
I Am Mother Father God
And I will never never Never Leave you
Who said the path should be straight and narrow
When expansion flows deep in your marrow
And creation is bold and impeding
Makes its way encroaching and receding
I guide you with both conflict and joy
You steer to with the power you employ
We’re connected we're one and the same
If you doubt who you are if you forget my name


Nothing you could do or say would cause me to refrain
Darling you will not shake me
Bend or break me I cannot be contained