Grateful Angels

Grateful Angels

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I can gaze into the face of what is everyday
Witness it deplete me and then 
Watch myself be washed away
Or use the mind that I've been given 
To make another choice
Editing my ego 
Let my higher power have a voice
Cause it is more than just the natural 
I'm looking for
The simple and the normal and the small
For more than once I've seen the power 
We hold inside of us
And I'd like to be an example 
To the greatness in us all 


Let me shine 
Back on the stars with equal brilliance
May I effortlessly bloom 
Before the flowers in the spring
May I warm the hearts of many
Like the roaring fires of home
And with the voice of grateful angles 
Let me sing

Many are the bystanders 
That offer up for free
The way that it has always been 
Or simply why it can not be
But deeper still there runs a river 
That is swollen with desire
It beckons with a whisper 
And it sets my soul a fire


Nature in all forms reveals the majesty 
The wind the rain the earth the sea the sky
The power and the magnitude 
are pulsing there inside of you
which tells me you and I
we can dare to try
we can surely try