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I know you
Though you’re the master of disguise
I’ve seen your face a million times
And I can see what you do to me
You’re big, you are frightening 
And you seem so insurmountable But I
know that God’s residing 
Right there where you stand


If I could look another way
At the goliath of today
I know the smallest stone
Will surely bring it down
With just a grain of clarity
I cast the light on the dark I see
And all my fears come crashing
To the ground
You – you are not as bright and shiny as I wish you were
You feel like a storm upon the sea
A cacophony of thought
While the flesh forgets
And fights against the circumstance
When who I really am
It knows the highest truth
And rather than go raving wild
I come before you as a child
And let you show me just how strong I am

I don’t have to be hell-bent
On what might not seem heaven-sent
In truth I do believe that love abides
If I let my mind be still
The truth will come; I know it will
From the place in me where divinity resides