God Bless the Stupid

God Bless the Stupid

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God you give so many things
My hope eternally it springs
Lord knows my life is truly blessed
Now Your good will I try to spread
And having all of that been said
I have one more little tiny small request

God Bless the stupid
They surely need your grace
And if they can’t be transformed
Then could you
Please at least get ‘em out of my face
God Bless the Stupid
Heal them from their ignorant ways
And if we truly all are one then you’re the part of me
That’s having a bad hair day.

I guess that I should thank you
For putting my faith to work
But just because I find some compassion for you
Doesn’t make you any less of a jerk
So please hear me

God Bless the stupid the rude and bitter too
Lord knows at times that it’s been me
And most assuredly times it’s probably been you
God bless the stupid
Lord please just let me laugh
Breathe deep and find my center
When the obnoxious and the irritating cross my path

I simply can’t ignore them
Though there’s nothing I can do or say
It’s just like gazing on a train wreck and God help me
I can’t look away so please hear me

God bless the stupidthe mean and stubborn too
I know I’m not the first to ask this prayer
So forgive them, they don’t know what they do
God bless the stupid
Even as I bang my head against the wall
I want to thank You, dear Creator
I know that You bless us all.
Thank you with everything I got
I know you bless us all, stupid or not

Margaret Owens 2004