Give in

Give in

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Tell it to your momma 
If you really gotta talk about it
Talking bout it’s not the answer every time
You hold the voice of Spirit
But your never gonna hear it if your
Caught up in the drama on the other line
The key may be in listening to find your way again
So listen to me never, never, never give up
but go on and

Give in, give in to your higher truth
Give in, give in to the heart of you
Give in, give in and when you’ve figured it out
You can wake up your senses and
Spread your love about
So go on
Give in to the peace Give in to the silence
Go into the love go in to the guidance
Relax in the power we all hold inside us
If you are down and out and struggling again
Go on and give in

Both ends of your candle burn
While you relive and relearn
All the truth you ever heard 'bout letting go
The strength within you is profound
Go on lay your burden down
Silence is golden let you good fortune abound
There is nothing truly nothing
That can’t be solved within
So listen to me me never, never, never give up
But go on and


Margaret Owens 2004