Get the Hell Out

Get the Hell Out

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There were times when I was empty
when the darkness was prevailing
From the shell of my existence I could feel my spirit ailing
Like my soul itself was shatterd
by the winds of life that knocked me down
Till an ember of your clarity helped me take a look around

And say I gotta get the hell out
I gotta get the Heaven in
Cause if it's all a state of mind
Then I surely gotta change the state that I'm livin' in
I know there're blessing reinging down on me
Like sunlight from above
But I gotta get the hell out of here
And bring on the Love

You wear a lengthy list of burdens
Down that laborious road you travel
Chucked your rosey colored glasses just to watch your life unravel
Cloack yourself in insecurities and you shroud yourself in fear
If your view it has been clouded and you want to make it clear


Oh Love can make you radiate a glow from inside out because
Love can clear the cobwebs of your anger and your doubt
And if you are overwhelmed within without a place to start
If by chance your feeling broken
Love still beat the wounded heart
Margaret Owens 2004