Easy Does it

Easy Does it

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Easy does it Darlin
Take it nice and slow
Sink into the river of creation and just enjoy the flow
It's amazing what comes to you when you will Consciously let go
So remember easy does it darlin
Merrily along the way
It's supposed to be fun now don't forget it 
Go out and claim the bliss that blooms each day
And if you lost it in the shadows 
Than you know you got to find a 
Brighter thought to light the way 
Hear me when I say

Easy does it darling
Nothing is broken and you can not get it wrong
Picture yourself perfect for a moment and
Hear your hearts sweet song
Bless the challenges before you 
Brought to explore you knowing they 
will not last for very long here where you belong
Easy does it mmmm mmmm mmmm
Easy does

There's nothing to fix and you will never 
Get it all done so take a breather
The answers you seek are in the river
So come on in the waters fine
The sense of well being is divine so 
Easy does it
La da da dum


Margaret Owens 2005