Ding Dang Do

Ding Dang Do

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When the worlds gone crazy
And it seems like it's takin' you with it
It feels like forever
Since you laughed like you did as a child
Pandora's box was opened
And she let out nearly all she had in it
But she left a little hope
And surely that might make you smile

Just remember that I'm here beside you
Take whatever they might throw our way
When the deck is stacked agianst you
And your back is to the wall
I think I know a way to help forget about it all

What we need right now's a little ding dang doo
A little vo-de-o-do a little hoochie coo
Come on and cuddle me closer baby I love you
And what we need right now's a little ding dang doo

The weather man is callin' for gloom
And there's no way to shake it
We can sit around and wallow
If you really feel it's what you need
But it's Friday night
Come on and take me out
We'll do some pettin' and forgettin'
Cause i know without a doubt


It's bound to get worse before it gets better
Salvation's gonna come we might as well let her
You know that I'm beside you
No matter what the weather
And nothin's gonna stop us
As long as we're together


Margaret Owens 2002