Change is the Nature of Creation

Change is the Nature of Creation

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Holdin' fast to that heartache 
Scared that the good times they won't last
Darling theres just one thing to be sure of
That's that nothin' ever comes to stay
You know it always comes to pass so

Let it go and let it flow without hesitation
Cause change is the very nature of creation

It's your choice you know
o set your mind at ease
You can stay stuck in the mud
Or be floatin' on a breeze
It makes your heart so heavy
Carryin' all that stuff within
I know cause
Everything I ever let go of
You know I left my claw marks in
I wrapped it up so tightly And I put it on a shelf 
But  to keep it under  lock and key 
Just made a prisoner of myself


Now the horizon never worries when it sees the sun sink down
And the willow never truly weeps dropin' seedlings to the ground
The snow has to melt to let the fertile soil abound
Yes life is a circle and its all, it's all gonna come around

Margaret Owens 2004